Welcome to CompTrends, LLC

Providing client Compensation solutions…..

Our mission is to assist you in aligning your compensation programs and systems with your organizational and human resources objectives so that you may attract and retain critical talent for your organization.

We offer extensive compensation knowledge and expertise with emphasis on:

  • Survey Administration
    • Third party administration, development and analysis of custom compensation and related surveys
    • Timely information on pay market trends
  • Consulting Solutions, including support in
    • job structure design and implementation, job descriptions, job analysis and classification reviews
    • market pricing and pay range development
    • departmental pay reviews and internal employee pay analyses
    • base pay administration
    • program communication
    • project leadership and management

We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to provide in-depth compensation support and results as well as build long-lasting relationships.

Let’s get to work for you.  Contact us today.